Present condition of industries in Kinki District

Key Wide-area Disaster Prevention Base of Sakai-Semboku Port

In order to increase the Keihanshin Areafs ability to prevent large-scale disasters such as possible earthquakes in East Nankai and Nankai regions, the area of Sakai-Semboku Port is prepared to function as a transit point for relief supplies and also as a center for disaster countermeasures which can be used in such ways as a base camp for aid workers.

Tsunami Barrier of Wakayama Shimotsu Port

There is an assumption that a tsunami caused by a large-scale earthquake such as East Nankai and Nankai Earthquakes may cause serious damage to the region. Kainan Area of Wakayama Shimotsu Port has built movable tsunami barriers that can function both as a port and as a tsunami prevention facility, since the region has a high concentration of administrative, industrial, and transportation centers, in the areas which have a high chance of suffering inundation.

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

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