Framework of Green Bay Osaka Bay

Green Bay Osaka Bay leads the world with gA Chain of Ecology and Industrial Growthh as its central concept

Development from gthe Panel Bayh to gthe Battery Solar Bayh and to gthe Green Bayh

Green Bay Osaka Bay is the direction and goal to be achieved in order to activate the Bay Area,Osaka Port


Green Bay Osaka Bay should serve as an area that leads the world with the central concept of gA Chain of Ecology and Industrial Growth


1. To be an area where the leading environmentally creative industries in the world gather and develop
2. To be an advanced area that can create an ecologically effective as well as highly functional environment
3. To be an area that can provide an internationally-competitive business environment
4. To be an area where the convergence is strengthed as the engine of growth
Measures to achieve Green Bay Osaka Bay
(1) Strategic industrial policies and location policies to cultivate environmentally creative industries
1. Examination of supportive measures to establish new business facilities
2. Support for restructuring and upgrading of existing industries
3. Support for research and technological development in the fields of technologies, ecology and energy
4. Building up of hubs for high-level universities and research institutes as well as industrial bases
(2) Establishment of a globally environmentally-advanced area
1. Use of natural energy such as photovoltaic power generation
2. Initiative and strategic efforts to reduce greenhouse gases
3.  Support for structural reform in existing industries and industrial complexes
4. Achieving an attractive living environment
(3) Improvement of social foundation and service level to strengthen global competitiveness
1. Formation of robust network and safe and secure communities
2. Establishment of the system of seamless material flows in land, sea, and air
3.  Formation of highly-functional, value-added commodity distribution and establishment of an industrial hub 
4. Effective provision of lamd for a new site location
i4jEnhancement and promotion of convergence
@ Convergence beyond corporate enterprises A Convergence beyond local governments B Convergence beyond time and space
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