Wakayama Shimotsu Port


Wakayama Shimotsu Port is one of the Specially Designated Major Ports and has long flourished since the Edo period as a port of call for ships that transported rice tax to feudal provinces in Shikoku Island. The port hosts firms for such industries as metals and energy resources, and also supports commodity distribution over wide regions, with ferries connecting with Tokushima in Shikoku Island, as well as container vessels that travel between the port and such cities as Busan and Kobe.

History of Development and Usage

1930 Wharf for large vessels was constructed. Oil tankers berthed the port.
1938 Shimotsu Oil Factory of Maruzen Petrochemical Co, Ltd. began operations.
1941 Wakayama Plant of Tonen General Sekiyu K.K began operations.
1951 The port was designated as one of the Major Ports.
1956 Nankai Steamship opened Kia Route (between Wakayama and Komatushima).
1957 Construction of Wakayama North Port started.
1965 Wakayama Shimotsu Port was designated one of the Specially Designated Major Ports.
Kainan Oil Factory of Fuji Kosan Co., Ltd began operations.
1967 Reclamation Project of Wakayama South Port (lumber yard) was completed.
1984 Wakayama North Port Reclamation Project of the Industrial Area 1 of Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd started.
Friendship Port Agreement was signed up with Qindao Port of China.
1994 World Resort Expo was held in Wakayama Marina City.
1995 Regular service started for container vessels between Wakayama Shimotsu Port and Busan Port started.
2001 International Container Terminal was opened in Nishihama District.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

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