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Osaka Port, located close to the major metropolitan area, is one of the Specially Designated Major Ports and plays a significant role as a Designated Super-hub Port, gHanshin Port,h directly connecting itself with other major parts of the region by expressway and arterial highway network.
While Sakishima Area has developed as a center for container commodity flows, Yumeshima district started to operate a container terminal, to cope with the increase in freight transport and in ship size, and three berths are presently operating in unity since October, 2009.
A vacant lot after the relocation of the container terminal from Sakishima District to Yumesaki District is now used as a ferry terminal, due to its convenient location connected to land transportation facilities.

History of Development and Usage

1868 Osaka Port was opened.
1951 Designated as a Specially Designated Major Port.
1971 Nanko Ferry Terminal 1 started operation.
1973 North American Pacific Route was opened.
Operations of a passenger terminal of Osaka Nanko Ferry Wharf started.
1981 gNew Tramh Nanko Port Town Train Line began operations.
1985 Osaka International Ferry Terminal was constructed.
Shanghai-Osaka Ferry service started.
1987 The first foreign passenger vessel "Konstantin Chernenko" entered the Tempozan Wharf.
1989 Hanshin Expressway Osaka Port Route was fully opened.
1990 Tempozan Harbor Village was opened.
1991 Operations of Nanko C-7, Osaka Port Container Wharf #8 and Hokko Shiratsu Wharf partly started.
1992 Operations of Nanko Wharf C-9 started.
1994 Hanshin Expressway gOsaka Bay Routeh was fully opened.
Nanko Air Cargo Terminal was opened.
1996 Operations of Osaka Port International Ferry Terminal began.
1997 Sakishima Tunnel was opened.
2002 Operations of Yumeshima Wharf C-10 began.
Operations of Container Wharf #11 started.
2004 Designated a Super-hub Port as Hanshin Port (Kobe and Osaka Ports).
2005 Osaka Port was designated as a Specially Designated Major Port.
2007 Ports in Osaka Bay started to function as a single entity (gHanshin Porth).
2009 Yumeshima Tunnel was opened.
Operations of high-standard container terminal in Yumeshima started.
2010 Hanshin Port (Kobe and Osaka Ports) was selected as a Strategic Port for International Container Ships.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

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