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Maizuru Port is located almost in the center of the coast of the Sea of Japan, facing Wakasa Gulf north of Kyoto Prefecture. As a good natural port blessed with excellent natural conditions such as tranquility and small tidal range, the port was once used as a naval port and has been used as a commercial port ever since the end of World War II. In recent years, due to the opening of international routes to/from Korea and China as well as further improvement in land transport including development of the expressway network such as the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway and the Kyoto-Jukan Expressway (entire line scheduled for completion in 2014), convenience of the port has been enhanced. It is now expected to play an important role as a gate facing the Sea of Japan in the Kinki region, opening to Asian countries.

History of Development and Usage

1901 Himeji lumber yard was completed.
West Industrial Zone and East Industrial Zone of the port were opened.
1945 The naval district was demobilized and restarted as a commercial port. As a designated repatriation port, the port received 664,000 returnees till 1958.
1948 Official opening of the Maizuru Port was designated
1951 Designated as an gImportant Porth
1968 No.4 Wharf Pier was completed.
1970 The regular ferry route between Maizuru and Otaru was opened (No.2 Wharf).
1975 No.3 Wharf was completed.
1987 Maejima Wharf District Pier was completed.
Maizuru-Otaru Ferry Terminal was relocated to the Maejima Wharf.
1993 Construction of Maejima Wharf green space named gMajima Minato Parkh was completed./td>
1997 Construction of Kita green space was completed.
Maizuru Port FAZ (Foreign Access Zone) was completed.
2006 Designated as a major comprehensive reverse logistics port (Recycle Port).
2010 Maizuru International Wharf started its service.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

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