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Kobe Port is designated as one of the Specially Designated Major Ports, having developed as an international port, ever since the 12th century when Taira no Kiyomori carried out renovation of a port called gOwada no Tomarih in the area and used it as a key port for the trade between Japan and Song Dynasty of China. Kobe Port now serves as an important part of the Designated Super-hub Port, gHanshin Port.h
Since Japanfs first container ship entered Maya Wharf in 1967, the port has operated offshore container terminals, in order to meet various needs in relation to the increase of container cargoes and increase in size of the vessels. The main terminals are located in Rokko Island and Port Island 2nd-stage District. The port also supports livelihood of people in Kansai Area, serving as a trade center for importing various provisions such as vegetables, fruits, wheat and soybeans as well as clothes.

History of Development and Usage

1867 Hyogo Port was opened.
1923 The port was designated as a Major Port.
1951 Kobe port was designated as a Specially Designated Major Port.
1967 Maya Wharf was completed.
1970 Port Terminal and Kobe Bridge were completed.
1979 Suma Yacht Harbor (South Harbor) was completed.
Artery road of the port area (the eastern section of Hamate bypath, between Shinko and Maya) was opened.
1980 Rokko Bridge was partly opened.
1993 Artery road of the port area, gHarbor Highway,h was fully opened.
1994 Hanshin Expressway gOsaka Bay Routeh #5 between Rokko Island and Kansai International Airport was opened.
1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake struck the region.
1996 Operations of Japanfs first, very deep, high-standard container berths, PC-14 and 15, started.
1999 Minatojima Tunnel was opened.
2001 Nagisa Park in the eastern waterfront area was opened.
2002 Designated as a gRecycle Porth for the overall reverse logistics.Operations of Port Island 2nd-stage container berth PC13 started.
2003 Operations of Port Island 2nd-stage container berth PC18 started.
2004 Designated as a Super-hub Port as a partof Hanshin Port.
2005 Designated as a Specially Designated Major Port.
2006 Kobe airports was opened.
Bay Shuttle between Kobe and Kansai International Airport started its service.
2007 Varios ports in Osaka Bay started to function as a single entity.
2008 Nishi Green Area in Kobe Airport Island was opened.
2010 Hanshin Port (Kobe and Osaka Ports) was selected as a Strategic Port for International Container Ships.

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