Higashi Harima


Higashi Harima Port is located in the eastern area of Harima Sea, and has long flourished as a marine transportation hub of the Seto Inland Sea. As its coastal area was designated as a special industrial district, the port was designated as one of the Major Ports in 1964. The port hosts firms of such industries as metals, machineries, and chemical and plays a key role in Harima Waterfront Industrial Zone together with the adjacent Himeji Port in its west.

History of Development and Usage

1957 The area was designated Harima Waterfront Industrial Zone.
1963 Hutami, Befu, Takasago, Iho, and Sone Ports were integrated to found Higashi Harima Port.
1964 Higashi Harima Port was designated a Major Port.
1979 Wharf in Sone District was completed.
1983 Hyogo Prefectural Takasago Seaside Park was opened.
1985 Niijima Public Wharf was completed.z.
2000 Befu Minato Ryokuchi was opened.
2006 Arai Hamakaze Park was opened.
2008 Futami District Second Accessway was opened.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

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