Hannan Port


Hannan Port is designated as one of the Major Ports, situated near the center of the eastern shore of Osaka Bay, and has developed as one of the leading spinning industrial areas in Japan since the Meiji period. In 1966, when a lumber industrial complex was constructed, the port became a center for lumber industry. In recent years, the area has been attracting enterprises to its Chikiri Island Area and Hannan 4th district Region as a part of active promotion policy for the development of the port.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

History of Development and Usage

1966 Lumber complex was completed.
Kishiwada Apartment Complex for iron factory workers was constructed.
1968 Tadaoka, Kishiwada, Kaizuka Ports were integrated to form Hannan Port.
Hannan Port was designated a Major Port.
A 185m-long wharf (-10m quay) began to be in use.
1988 Kishiwada Water Gate was constructed.
1996 Kishiwada Quay #2 (-12m) began to be in use.
2002 Kishinoura Bridge was partly completed.
2004 Ferries for Miyazaki from Shin-Kaizuka Wharf began operations.
2008 Operations of Shin-Kaizuka Wharf began.
2009 Hannan 2nd District (gChikiri Islandh) was opened.
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