Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Port


Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Port is designated as one of the Major Ports, located between Kobe Port and Osaka Port. Amagasaki Port Area is situated in the middle of the Hanshin Industrial District and plays a significant role as an industrial port that takes advantage of the canals that run in various directions. Both Nishinomiya and Ashiya Port Areas have developed to facilitate commodity distribution as well as serve as a place to support daily lives and recreational activities of people with such facilities as Bellport Ashiya and Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor.

History of Development and Usage

1951 Amagasaki Port was designated a Major Port.
1955 Amagasaki Lock Gate was completed.
1966 Amagasaki Port 10,000t Quay was completed.
1969 Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, and Ashiya Ports were integrated to found Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Port.
1972 Amagasaki Port 10,000t Quay was completed.
1973 Nishinomiya lumber yard was completed.
1983 Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Port and Nishinomiya Bridge were completed.
Amagasaki and Shinmarushima Water Gates were completed.
1984 Operations of Nishinomiya East District Wharf started.
1987 Construction of a storage shed of Nishinomiya District was completed and its operations started.
1993 Amagasaki New Lock Gate #2 was completed.
1994 Designated an animal quarantine port.
1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake struck the region.
1998 Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht Harbor was opened.
2001 Designated as gEco-port Model Port.h
2002 Operations of Amagasaki Lock Gate #1 started.
2005 Intensive Control Center for Amagasaki Lock Gate was constructed.
2006 gFramework of Amagasaki Nijuisseiki-no-morih was formulated.
2007 Ports in Osaka Bay started to function as a single entity (gHanshin Porth).
2009 Operations of the multi-purpose international terminal of Amagasaki-Nishinomiya-Ashiya Port (Amagasaki Port District) started.

Breakdown items of freight (2009)

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